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Sometimes I Dream So Big...

My Life Just Seems So Boring

Jack Twist
23 June 1986
Shayne, 20old, proud femme trans guy, fierce flaming faggot, grad student in recovery who still talks like an academic, currently a professional nerdy queer, reads and discusses social theory for fun, avid knitter, New Yorker at heart, seriously sarcastic, Ravenclaw with Slytherin tendencies though Pottermore says otherwise, fanfic reader and sortofcurrent writer, iced coffee addict, obsessed with popular culture and camp, wrote my master's thesis on a queer reading of Disney villains (I'll email you a copy), planning a Disney wedding with my partner, committed to leftist radical politics.

Moved to Boston for grad school and now it's home. Unlike every reality TV personality, I am actually here to make friends, so you should friend me. I don't update much anymore, but I do love meeting new people. Promise!

Felicity icons: hobbitholes

gay shame is love
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RENT is love.

Queer As Folk is sex love.

The Spice Girls are Girl Power Love
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Rufus Wainwright is My Master Rebel Prince
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anti-assimilation is love
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♥Tyler Maynard is twinkie love.♥

Old Nick shows are old school love
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Gender is irrelevant.
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